Flea Season? We Can Help!

It’s been a rough flea season for both dogs and cats.

Right around this time a year, we get those flea issues under control. But then a new issue happens – the fleas find their way into our homes especially if our pets visit indoors.

Although many think fleas are a pet issue, in reality, they are an issue for all of us when this happens. Many people might also begin to notice that they are getting bites after their animals have their anti-flea regimen in place. That’s normal. Fleas are turning to the next best thing to bite and that’s humans.

The truth of the matter is you will have to do a summer cleaning. Here are some quick steps to get rid of those fleas this season:

  • Wash bed linens and rugs
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Vacuum any furniture which has a cloth fabric including cushions and pillows

For those who like to take the more natural route in home flea control, go ahead and purchase a boric acid powder. Animal owners seem to like it best because it’s easy to use and it’s non-toxic.

Lightly shower the carpet with boric acid powder. With a sweeping motion, use a broom to place the powder deeper into the carpet. Some people like to let the mixture sit for about an hour or so before vacuuming.

To make sure you are one step ahead of those fleas, another good tip is to keep a flea comb on hand. Once or twice a week, brush it through your pet’s coat just to make sure they are flea free.

Yes, there are flea bombs on the market but many people shy away from them because of toxic levels. So please do your due diligence to keep your family and pets healthy.

By the way, if you have your own flea patrol method we’d love to hear about it!