6 Questions to ask your St. Joseph dog groomer:

St. Joe dog groomers, and what to ask them.

A professional St. Joe dog groomer should take your questions seriously: after all, caring for dogs is what they do!

Dog groomers have a responsibility to both the dog and their owners, and need to be completely upfront about standard practices. They also need to understand the client’s wants and needs. As such, they should be completely open to answering any pertinent questions that you may have. We’ve put together a list of 6 things almost every dog grooming client should ask, along with the reassuring answers they should receive.

1. Do you have a dog grooming certification?

You should want to know that your groomer is an expert in the field – certification is proof of exactly that. Our certifications have helped us learn all the practical and theoretical skills needed in order to be successful as a dog groomer. Moreover, it helps you know that you can trust our expertise and can leave your pet in our care without any hesitation.

2. How much experience do you have, and do you have experience with my dog’s breed?

Dog groomers are expected to make the right decisions during the grooming process, such as which tools to use and how to bathe and brush each pup. The ability to make the right choices comes with experience, and you’ll want to know that your groomer has more than a bit of experience under their belt.

Experience is important, but it’s also extremely important that your St Joe dog groomer knows how to handle your particular dog breed. Dog groomers are expected to be well-versed in the behaviors, personalities, and preferences of different breeds. When it comes to grooming, each breed has its own needs!

3. What safety procedures are in place to make sure my dog doesn’t get hurt?

Safety is our number one priority, of course, and this is an important point that any groomer should communicate to their clients who are anxious about the possibility of their pet being injured during the groom.

All dog groomers need to have a complete first aid kit on hand, and this can be a very helpful and visual way to reassure you that we are prepared in case of any injuries. Remember, we occasionally face some nicks and cuts too!

4. What is included in your grooming package, and how much will it cost to groom my dog?

This is a very common question, as new clients are looking for the best value in a groomer. As a professional dog groomer with our own business, we’ve defined our strengths and packaged our grooming services. We understand your needs, and are happy to offer discounts if you have multiple pets.

5. Will my dog be housed in a crate?

Of course not. We are a progressive dog boarder that is committed to keeping your dog as comfortable as is possible. Please call with questions.

6. Will my dog be exposed to any infections in your salon?

Our clients know that as a groomer, we operate a busy environment that sees many dogs come and go each day. The cleanliness and hygiene of the grooming salon, therefore, is absolutely paramount when it comes to keeping away infections. We ensure that each dog is healthy and happy when they leave their appointment!

Our clients are sure that their pet will not be at risk for infections by being groomed in our salon. We ensure this by asking for vaccination records prior to any pet being accepted for grooming or boarding.

As a dog groomer, we are upfront about this when we meet a new client for the first time. By only accepting dogs that are up-to-date on their vaccinations, we ensure that other pets are safe from infection. This is the first priority when we take on a new customer!